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"Strategic funding and consultation for the now economy."

Motorskill Asia provides consulting services to Asian and U.S. companies exploring international business expansion feasibility.

With a complete understanding of business internationalization requirements on both continents, Motorskill Asia is positioned to support cultural integration, government regulation, and technology infrastructure procurement. Through international consulting, venture capital partners, and institutional relationships, Motorskill Asia has many advantages from which to capitalize on global business growth.


Motorskill Asia has venture capital resources allocated to investment in international technology expansion opportunities as identified through consulting relationships and venture partner participation. As a dominant investment strategy, Motorskill Asia Ventures is focused on late stage "take out" situations, in which capital is provided in exchange for equity in mature candidates for initial public offerings, mergers, or acquisitions. Motorskill Asia aggressively pursues partnership opportunities with the management of privately and publicly held companies to pursue buyouts, recapitalizations, leveraged build-ups and growth equity investments. Motorskill Asia Ventures also participates with major underwriters and international investment funds in syndicate IPO and secondary offerings.

With a keen insight into the Asian investment environment, Motorskill Asia Ventures is positioned to take full advantage of opportunities to participate in emerging technology and communications infrastructure build out.


Motorskill Asia Consulting services are focused upon the United States and Asian business expansion and technology innovations. Through strategic relationships with U. S. and Asian economic development organizations, governmental agencies, and educational institutions, Motorskill Asia is the consultant of choice for global business initiatives.

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