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"A strategic network of complementary assets, resources, and expertise; with a common perspective for business velocity."

The Motorskill Venture Group of operating companies fulfill clearly identified business and technology needs; complementing and enhancing funded projects, portfolio clientele, and venture partner relationships. These operational hubs facilitate business acceleration; go to market strategy, and infrastructure deployment; with an emphasis synergistic value.

The Motorskill operating group consists of information technology companies actively engaged in delivering software solutions and services designed to enhance business operations by increasing efficiency, reducing costs and improving sales results. To help drive portfolio company progress, we provide operational assistance, capital support, industry expertise, access to operational best practices, and a strategic network of business relationships.

Operating company services and resources include:

Web design and software application development.

Infrastructure deployment, telecommunications, and
network security.

Executive staffing, recruitment, and human resources.

Investment and transaction analysis and evaluation.

Domestic and International trade consultation.

Expert advisement and professional research.

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