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"A synergistic formula for the value optimization of equity relationships."

Motorskill participates in select seed, first and second round, and late stage pre-IPO financing situations, often coordinated with major venture partners and underwriting syndicates. With a primary focus on exit strategy, Motorskill works directly with underwriting syndicates to structure viable candidates for IPO’s (Initial Public Offering), PIPE’s (Private Investment in Public Equity), and secondary financing opportunities to meet market valuation criteria.

Through a strategic combination of operating companies, portfolio clientele, and venture investments; Motorskill initiatives leverage synergy in order to maximize operating profit and portfolio value. The employment of a synergistic formula allows Motorskill to evaluate prospective investments and venture capital opportunities for not only their individual merits, but also as value added components to operating companies and other portfolio investments. This strategic portfolio supports an environment of efficiency and productivity within a full suite of complementary resources- facilitating shared client databases and strategic alliance situations.

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