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"A focus on high science healthcare and innovative business application with significant growth potential."

Motorskill brings together scientific resources to create and identify biopharmaceutical companies positioned to exploit important advances in medical science; and innovative healthcare business applications for evolving market efficiency. Motorskill participates as an active equity partner and financial consultant with leading biopharmaceutical companies and agricultural academia with a focus on genetic therapy, genomic sciences, drug discovery and delivery, neuroscience, cancer therapy, and organ and cellular transplantation.

The Motorskill Scientific Advisory Board, network of scientific collaborators, and industry executives provide an important insight into new developments in future science and their projected impact on the practice of medicine and healthcare economics. Motorskill works closely with portfolio company management on strategy, planning, recruitment, funding, corporate partnerships, business development and commercial development. As an equity partner, Motorskill contributes expertise for value-building transactions, insight into technology and its application, management capability, and access to the best research, clinical, and executive minds in the industry.

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