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"Synergistic Funding and Support for New Market Innovation."

By focusing human and financial resources on companies with the highest potential to impact shareholder value, Motorskill Venture Group’s primary goal remains to build and develop innovative companies that can obtain, or are already at, leadership positions in their respective markets. In order to provide continued support to these leading companies, Motorskill employs a disciplined allocation process designed to maintain and improve long-term financial flexibility.

Since inception, Motorskill has remained committed to building and developing companies that deliver improved efficiencies, cost savings to business, and a discernable unique value proposition. Motorskill acquires an equity position in companies with the potential to deliver these real returns, and then infuses the strategic, operational, and financial support resources to help drive these partner portfolio companies to market-leading positions.

A diverse and international perspective provides Motorskill with access to emerging opportunities and strategic market entry with a "high-multiple" return on investment outlook. The exposure to global markets, economic development resources, and localized partnership assets; facilitate business expansion and developmental infrastructure advantage.

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